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Prof Markus Kraft presents the 8th C4T Biannual Research Report

I am very pleased to present the 8th Biannual Research Report of the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Reduction and Technology (C4T), providing an update on the latest C4T research output and news. The last six months have been a particularly busy and fruitful time for our programme as we plan the next five years of work with our second phase of funding beginning in November. We are also celebrating the commencement of our first Intra-CREATE project, eCO₂EP.

Other highlights include: the CREATE 10th Anniversary Symposium in December, during which CARES members gave several presentations of their work; new patents for IRP1 and IRP2; presenting C4T work at the CREATE PI seminar series and various international conferences; a visit from the Singapore Oxford and Cambridge Society and hosting two Visiting Scientists.

- Prof Markus Kraft, CARES Director


The 8th C4T Biannual Research Report is now available to download here.

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