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C4T Project

The Cambridge Centre for Carbon Reduction in Chemical Technology (C4T) is the first interdisciplinary research group administered by CARES and brings together researchers from Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering,  Materials Science and Metallurgy.

The motivation for the C4T project is to integrate materials design and selection (i.e. for adsorbents and catalysts) with advances in process design to achieve improved selectivity and conversion. Such improvements will provide a reduced carbon footprint and energy demand for both established and new processes. Lowering the cost of CO2 capture, and technologies and strategies for waste heat utilisation are also underlying drivers in the research. The reduction of the carbon footprint from a wider systems perspective through integration of chemical process related loads within the electrical power network is also addressed.

C4T addresses the complex problem of carbon abatement in chemical technologies by focusing on four fundamental aspects. These four collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Programmes (IRPs) combine state-of-the-art experimental analysis with advanced modelling research from Cambridge and Singapore.  Whilst each IRP has clearly-defined milestones and deliverables, denoted as work packages (WPs), there is significant interactions among the IRPs.  

IRP 1: Multi-Scale Studies of Catalytic and Adsorption Technologies (MUSCAT)

IRP 2: Electrochemical Multi-scale Science, Engineering and Technology (EMSET)

IRP 3: Carbon Abatement in the Petroleum Refining Industry: A Control and Optimisation Research Network (CAPRICORN)

IRP 4: Integrated Chemicals and Electrical Systems Operation (ICESO) 

The impact of the dynamic response of the chemical plant on its batch output over varying time scales will be evaluated using a combination of methods developed in IRPs 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

The C4T group is currently based in the department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at the Yunnan Garden campus of Nanyang Technical University.