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CARES is an international entity with staff members from around the globe.

Since our first induction program, the size of our team has continued to grow as more scientists and support staff join us at our base in Singapore.

We have just passed the milestone of one hundred members formally involved in the programme. The contributions of the young scientists involved in the programme will be evident; C4T is currently training 25 PhD students and is expecting further student members in the coming future.

We have had a number of new members of the team, including several students, joining the programme both in Singapore and Cambridge. We are proud of the science being generated by the C4T teams and of the great potential shown across the programme.

As we mature and gain access to the excellent C4T facilities at the CREATE tower, we are fully expecting our ability to contribute new knowledge to increase even further.


Key Contacts

Programme Director Markus KRAFT (65) 6601-5442
Chief of Staff Joy HAUGHTON (65) 6601-5442
Project Coordinator Élana MCNAUGHT
Laboratory Manager Hugo SCHMIDT (65) 6601-5447
Senior Finance Executive Stephanie KAM (65) 6601-5442
Accounts Executive Van Ha DUONG (65) 6601-5442
Admin Executive Khatijah YUSOF (65) 6601-5445
Senior HR Executive Xiang Ning LEONG (65) 6601-5442
Communications Executive Louise RENWICK (65) 6601-5447
IT Officer John CHAN (65) 6601-5447