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J-Park Simulator

The J-Park Simulator (JPS) brings together for the first time cross-domain modelling and data storage with an ontology-based expert system to produce a next-generation tool for the design, analysis and operation optimisation of eco-industrial parks. JPS allows public sector agencies, industry and infrastructure providers to assess the full, multi-dimensional impact of different ‘what if’ scenarios in real time. From the chemical processes to the electricity grid and from building management to molecular reactions, JPS provides clear, visual information to support optimisation, decision making and scenario analysis.

The J-Park Simulator uses Singapore's Jurong Island as a case study and test site to perfect its development. Jurong Island is home to dozens of refineries and other chemical plants, making it the perfect location for our researchers to test the likely real-world effects of the technologies being produced in the programme.

Explore the J-Park Simulator through the links below, or from the main site here: J-Park Simulator



Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System- Jurong Island

CARES Lab Sensor Data Plot

CO2 Emission Meter - Jurong Island

Interactive Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System - Jurong Island

Make Up Air Unit Data Plot

Semakau Simulator Data Plot

World Power Plant CO2 Emission Meter


Electricity Network

Jurong Island

Nuclear Power Plant

Semakau Map

Waste Heat Network




CARES Lab Layout

Jurong Island


Semakau Island


World Power Plant Map


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