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Exciting job opportunities at CARES Ltd: Java Developer and Computer Scientist

CARES C4T is looking to recruit a talented Java Developer and an outstanding Computer Scientist. Our team is comprised of world-class scientists and engineers working in a vibrant, fast-paced environment with great opportunities for knowledge and skills development.

Java Developer: We are looking for a talented and creative computer scientist, computer engineer, or computational mathematician to support the C4T research team. Primarily, we are looking for an individual dedicated to physics and chemistry-based and data driven modelling, semantic representation and visualisation of chemical processes and industrial networks of an industrial park.....more

Computer Scientist: The project aims at a comprehensive virtualisation of an industrial park, i.e. a hierarchical representation of data and models associated with every entity in the industrial park, in order to exploit synergies for resource, energy, and emissions savings. The overall goal is, using ideas from Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, the Semantic Web, machine learning, and statistics, to create an expert system capable of providing quantitative decision support to stakeholders, planners, and policy makers. The successful candidate will be expected to assume intellectual leadership in the development of the theoretical and mathematical foundations as well as the wider, ongoing development of our main software tool....more.

How to apply?

Please send your CV and cover letter (summarizing the most relevant skills and experience that you have for the position) to