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Singapore - the second Commonwealth Science Conference (CSC) brings together top researchers and policy makers from around the world

Mr Sushant Garud reports on the CARES’ delegation experience at the Commonwealth Science Conference.

The second Commonwealth Science Conference (CSC) was organized by the Royal Society and National Research Foundation, Singapore from 13th to 16th June 2017 in Singapore. The conference saw an attendance of more than 450 researchers ranging from PhD students to veteran scientists from 40 different commonwealth countries. Four PhD students (Mr. Jacob Martin, Mr. Manoel Manuputty, Mr. Shaohua Wu, Mr. Sushant Garud) and one research fellow (Dr. Maria Botero) from CARES attended this conference. Mr. Jacob Martin and Mr. Sushant Garud presented posters during student poster session. 

The theme of the conference revolved around four pressing issues viz.  emerging infectious diseases, future of the oceans, sustainable cities, and low carbon energy. A series of plenary lectures, keynote lectures and panel discussions presented a variety of opinions of experts from the different parts of the world.  This was a unique platform for the discussions that ranged from molecular level in case of material development to mega scale in case of urban sociology. Apart from the technical sessions, the conference had a few Singapore experiential tours where participants can enjoy ethnic culture and local cuisine of Singapore. On the 15th June, the gala dinner was held at Flower Field Hall, Garden by the Bay. The gala dinner began with the lecture by Dr. Demis Hassabis, CEO DeepMind Technologies who gave an amazing talk on AlphaGo (the most advanced AI) and its development. 

This was a very unique conference where the top researchers and the policy makers from the nations around the world came together and discussed the key events like Paris Climate agreement, Britain leaving EU (Brexit), role of India and China in the global economy and their effects on the future of mankind.