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CARES contributes to the "Energizing the Future", ICAE 2017, Chuan ZHANG reports

Organised by the Elsevier Applied Energy journal, the 9th International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE) was held in Cardiff, United Kingdom from 21 August to 24 August this year. Chuan ZHANG ( PhD Student, NTU, IRP3) reports.

The theme of ICAE 2017 is “Energizing the future”.  More than 600 researchers from over 50 countries worldwide participated the conference. As an active research institution in this domain, Cambridge CARES also contributed to the conference. The project director Prof Markus Kraft, who also serves as associate editor for Applied Energy journal, participated in the editorial board discussion and chaired the “Energy monitoring and evaluation” section of the conference. Prof Yang Wenming (Co-PI, IRP3, NUS) also chaired the “Future engines of high efficiency and low emissions” during this conference. He also did a presentation titled "Impact of various factors on the performance and emissions of diesel engine fuelled by kerosene and its blend with diesel" for this conference.

Janusz Sikorski, (PhD student, IRP3, Cambridge), presented his work on "Incorporating seller/buyer reputation-based system in blockchain platform for emission trading application" under the cooperation with PhD student Khamila Khaqqi (IRP3, NTU). Moreover,  Dr Zhou Li (RF, IRP3, NUS) submitted a paper named "J-Park Simulator, a cyber-infrastructure towards smart eco-industrial parks" to this conference as well which was presented by Zhang Chuan ( PhD student, IRP3, NTU).  Zhang Chuan also presented his own work on "Assessment of biodiesel plant waste heat recovery with respect to economics and CO2 emission", which is a case study under the umbrella of J-Park Simulator. Wu Shaohua (PhD student, IRP3, NUS), presented his work on "Modelling of soot formation in a diesel engine with the moment projection method". 

Dr Yan Yong (IRP 1, NTU), PhD student Huang Jijiang (IRP1, NTU), and PhD student Jia Chunmiao (IRP1, NTU) also attended this conference after visiting the sustainable reaction group at University of Cambridge. In total, the C4T project affiliated researchers contributed 9 papers to this conference.

Well worth mentioning is that our presentations about J-Park Simulator, the flagship product of the C4T project, received very positive feedback during the conference. Plenty of researchers appreciate the ambition of JPS of unleashing the potential of big data and artificial intelligence in eco-industrial park design and optimisation. Moreover, several researchers expressed a strong intention to collaborate, for example, Prof Perry P.J. Yang from Georgia Institute of Technology U.S.A, Prof Yoshiki Yamagata from National Institute for Environmental Studies Japan. "We look forward to more potential collaborations with such researchers worldwide in the future" added Prof Markus Kraft

Last but not least, all participants of this conference would like to express their gratitude to CARES for the sponsoring and to the conference organisers for the insightful event. We all feel honoured to be part of the CARES C4T project and we all look forward to work together to further push this project forward.