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We are actively recruiting for a number of research and administrative positions. Watch this page for current and forthcoming available positions with CARES, the C4T research group and our joint project with BEARS, eCOEP.


CARES C4T: Current positions



  • Computer Scientist: The project aims at a comprehensive virtualisation of an industrial park, i.e. a hierarchical representation of data and models associated with every entity in the industrial park, in order to exploit synergies for resource, energy and emissions savings. The overall goal is to use ideas from Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, the Semantic Web, machine learning and statistics to create an expert system capable of providing quantitative decision support to stakeholders, planners and policy makers. see more

  • Software Developer: We are looking for a talented and creative computer scientist, computer engineer or computational mathematician to support the C4T research team. The post holder will build data models, visualise data in a modern media lab, develop software systems, perform data integration and participate in research discussions with local industries and partners. see more

  • Senior Software Developer: We are looking for a talented and creative computer scientist, computer engineer or computational mathematician to support the C4T research team. Primarily, we are looking for an individual dedicated to physics- and chemistry-based and data-driven modelling, semantic representation and visualisation of chemical processes and industrial networks of an industrial park. see more



  • Accounts and Administration Assistant: We are looking for a proactive and dedicated person to join the administrative team of the programme and provide essential support to our researchers and scientists. The post holder will look after purchasing activities, invoices and deliveries, handle goods receiving matters, assist with the company assets and inventory and assist the finance team. see more


Intra-CREATE eCOEP: Current positions


The University of Cambridge and University of California, Berkeley both participate in the NRF CREATE programme through the Cambridge Centre for Advanced Research and Education in Singapore Ltd. (CARES) and the Berkeley Educational Alliance for Research in Singapore Ltd. (BEARS). CARES and BEARS, with partners at NUS and NTU, started a three-year research programme on 1 January 2018, “A table-top chemical factory for the reduction of COto chemicals." Our team is comprised of world-class scientists and engineers working in a vibrant, fast-paced and milestone-driven environment with significant opportunities for knowledge and skills development.

  • Research Scientist / Research Fellow: We are looking to fill a vacancy of a Research Scientist / Research Fellow to work on the separation of products from electrochemical COconversion. The target products are ethylene, ethanol and 1-propanol from the two different versions of the process, leading to several solutions. The separation may also be linked to downstream conversion as a reactive separation technology. The project is expected to deliver both high-quality publications and patentable solutions. see more


How to apply?

Please send your CV and cover letter (summarising the most relevant skills and experience that you have for the position) to



Cambridge CARES sometimes hosts PhD students from our partner institutions (University of Cambridge, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University). If you are interested in completing your PhD through Cambridge CARES, please get in touch with us at



C4T occasionally hosts internships (usually for undergraduate or graduate students studying a Chemical Engineering or Engineering programme). If you are interested in applying for an internship with us, in the first instance please send your CV and a brief description of why you are interested in an internship with C4T to