Dr Kuppa Ashoke RAMAN

Research Fellow

While at CARES, Dr Ashoke Raman's research focused on numerical modeling of two-phase flows and contact line dynamics using the lattice Boltzmann method. He was a Research Fellow on the now-complete eCO2EP project.



Research Interest

Google Scholar Link

Raman, K. Ashoke, Erik Birgersson, Yi Sui, and Adrian Fisher. 2020. “Electrically Induced Droplet Ejection Dynamics under Shear Flow.” Physics of Fluids 32 (3): 032103.

Raman, K. A., Jaiman, R. K., Lee, T. S., and Low, H. T. 2016. Lattice Boltzmann study on the dynamics of successive droplets impact on a solid surface, Chemical Engineering Science, 145, 181-95,

Raman, K. A., Jaiman, R. K., Lee, T. S., and Low, H. T. 2015. On the dynamics of crown structure in simultaneous two droplets impact onto stationary and moving liquid film, Computer & Fluids, 107, 285-300,

Sinha, A., Raman, K. A., Chattophadhyay, H., and Biswas, G. 2013. Effects of different orientations of winglet arrays on the performance of plate-fin heat exchangers, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 57(1), 202-14,

Key Publications