Dr Vishvak KANNAN

Research Fellow

Vishvak is a Research Fellow in Cooling Singapore 2.0, a joint project with the Singapore-ETH Centre.

Prior to becoming a Research Fellow, Vishvak was a PhD student in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department of the National University of Singapore, also based at CARES. He completed his bachelor’s degree with honours in Chemical Engineering from Amrita University, India, in 2015.

Singapore - CARES


Cooling Singapore 2.0

Research Interest

Vishvak's research focuses on the multi-scale, multiphysical mathematical modelling of electrochemical energy technologies. Through statistical and machine learning approaches, he attempts to obtain further insights into the operation of these systems. He also works on mathematical modeling of reaction pathways of electrocatalytic systems.

Key Publications

Elouarzaki, Kamal, Vishvak Kannan, Vishal Jose, Harshjyot Singh Sabharwal, and Jong‐Min Lee. 2019. ‘Recent Trends, Benchmarking, and Challenges of Electrochemical Reduction of CO 2 by Molecular Catalysts’. Advanced Energy Materials 9 (24): 1900090.

Elouarzaki, Kamal, Yian Wang, Vishvak Kannan, Haoxiang Xu, Daojian Cheng, Jong-Min Lee, and Adrian C. Fisher. 2019. ‘Hydrogenase-Like Electrocatalytic Activation and Inactivation Mechanism by Three-Dimensional Binderless Molecular Catalyst’. ACS Applied Energy Materials 2 (5): 3352–62.

Kannan, Vishvak, K. Ashoke Raman, Adrian C. Fisher, and Erik Birgersson. 2019. ‘Correlating Uncertainties of a CO 2 to CO Microfluidic Electrochemical Reactor – A Monte Carlo Simulation’. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, September, acs.iecr.9b04596.

Kannan, Vishvak, Hansong Xue, K. Ashoke Raman, Jiasheng Chen, Adrian Fisher, and Erik Birgersson. "Quantifying operating uncertainties of a PEMFC–Monte Carlo-machine learning based approach." Renewable Energy (2020).