We are actively recruiting for a number of research positions. Watch this page for current and forthcoming available positions with CARES, the C4T research group, the CLIC programme, and AMPLE.


C4T is CARES’ main research project. We employ researchers from chemical engineering, biotechnology, chemistry, biochemistry, information engineering, materials science and metallurgy to work on lowering the carbon footprint of Singapore’s chemical industry.

PIPS is an industry-funded project under the Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPS) programme. The project aims to synergistically and strategically bring together public sector research capabilities and domain expertise of the pharmaceutical industry to enhance productivity and operational efficiency within Singapore’s pharmaceutical sector through leveraging novel manufacturing technologies and data analytics.

CLIC is a collaborative research programme between the University of Cambridge and NTU focused on improving support for lifelong learning and cognitive agility. The programme launched on 1 October 2020 and is looking to employ researchers from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, education and other related fields.




     Job Vacancies

Centre for Carbon Reduction in Chemical Technology (C4T)

1) Air Pollution Modelling and Measurement Researcher: We are looking for a candidate with a degree in Engineering, Atmospheric Science, or equivalent (postgrad is preferred) to work on projects related to maritime emissions, gas and aerosol pollutant measurements, dispersion in urban environments, and to provide analysis to inform policy-making. See more

2) Marine Engine CFD Engineer: We are looking for an expert in engine modeling with Computational Fluid Dynamics. Ideally, someone with experience with the code CONVERGE, reduced combustion mechanisms, and reciprocating engine, and constant-volume chamber combustion modeling. See more

Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPS)

1) Research Fellow: We are looking for 2 candidates with excellent background knowledge of process modelling and theory; ideally, including knowledge of OntoCAPE and process ontologies. The candidates will develop chemical process models and in simulations. Specifically, to model processes related to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, such as multiphase batch and continuous synthetic chemistry reactions, crystallisation, tableting, etc, using tools such as Matlab, gPROMS, Aspen Custom Modeller, or similar. See more

Centre for Lifelong Learning and Individualised Cognition (CLIC)

1) Research Fellow (Cognitive Flexibility in Adolescent): We are seeking a full-time Research Fellow to support research activities focusing on social and societal factors that influence cognitive flexibility and learning among adults and adolescents. The candidate with lead and manage research processes such as participant recruitment, survey construction, analysis of data and findings, and dissemination of outcomes to peer-reviewed publications of international standing. See more 

2) Research Fellow (Social and Cognition Factors): We are seeking a full-time Research Fellow to manage and coordinate research activities focusing on cognitive flexibility and learning, and the development of neuropersonalised training protocols for adults. Given the highly inter-disciplinary nature of the project, the research fellow will be expected to assist in overseeing research activities related to human neuroimaging, language, infant cognition/learning, and pedagogy. See more

3) Research Assistant (Psychology/ Neuropsychology/ Cognitive Neuroscience): We are seeking a full-time Research Assistant for a one-year term to support research activities focusing on cognitive flexibility and learning, and training-related brain changes among adults and adolescents. The candidate will assist participant recruitment, handling, and cognitive testing; setting up brain imaging protocols, and collecting and tidying neuroimaging datasets. See more

4) Research Assistant (Young Adults Cognition): We are seeking a Research Assistant to provide assistance with participant recruitment and handling, and managing and maintaining research records. Further research-related tasks include data collection, entry, and analysis; informing the study design, summarising research findings, and preparing academic publications. See more