We are actively recruiting for a number of research positions. Watch this page for current and forthcoming available positions with CARES, AMPLE, and the CLIC programme.


AMPLE is a collaborative programme between CARES and NTUitive to advance the development of nanomaterials. The project will develop both software and hardware infrastructure that supports higher efficiencies and productivity of nanomaterials, commonly used in antimicrobial coatings, energy storage devices and composite materials. There are currently industry collaborations and a spin-off company created in Singapore.

PIPS is an industry-funded project under the Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPS) programme. The project aims to synergistically and strategically bring together public sector research capabilities and domain expertise of the pharmaceutical industry to enhance productivity and operational efficiency within Singapore’s pharmaceutical sector through leveraging novel manufacturing technologies and data analytics.

CLIC is a collaborative research programme between the University of Cambridge and NTU focused on improving support for lifelong learning and cognitive agility. The programme launched on 1 October 2020 and is looking to employ researchers from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, education and other related fields.




     Job Vacancies

An Accelerated Manufacturing Platform for Engineered Nanomaterials (AMPLE)

1) Pilot Lab Technician (Temp): We are seeking a candidate to assist with running production trials for nanomaterials. This short-term role is until 30 November 2024 and will provide exposure to a startup environment and new technologies in nanomaterials manufacturing, automation and artificial intelligence. See more

2) Chemical Process Technician: We are seeking a candidate to monitor and control chemical processes to ensure safe and efficient operations. This includes tasks such as maintaining and troubleshooting equipment, maintaining accurate records of all process-related data, and working with the product team to ensure that products are manufactured to meet customer requirements. See more

Centre for Lifelong Learning and Individualised Cognition (CLIC)

1) Research Engineer II (CLIC Research Engineer): We are seeking a Research Engineer to design and develop captivating and motivational gamification elements for web-based cognitive tasks by working closely with the researchers. The candidate will manage and develop in-house IT, data management infrastructure (e.g. REDCap) and web-based solutions. Other tasks include providing server maintenance and technical support for research activities that range from specialist experimental equipment to in-house data processing and analysis pipelines. See more

2) Research Engineer I (CLIC App Director): We are seeking a Research Engineer to collaborate in the development of web applications for cognitive science research. The candidate will engage closely with cognitive science researchers to translate the research into design features, evaluate and validate the tasks through user testing and data analysis, participate in code reviews and testing, and resolve app issues. See more

3) Principal Research Scientist (CLIC Research Director): We are seeking a Research Director to support the NTU and Cambridge Directors in providing leadership and day-to-day management. The candidate will contribute scientific leadership with a particular focus on the neuroscience of learning across the lifespan. Other tasks include supervising and coordinating all programme members in Singapore, facilitating internal communication and work integration, report preparation, and promoting the research activities in Singapore and abroad to a wide audience. See more

4) Senior Research Fellow: We are seeking a Senior Research Fellow to support research projects and advance CLIC’s research scope. The candidate will contribute to publications, disseminate research findings across a variety of mediums and audience demographics, mentor colleagues, and supervise other researchers. See more

Pharma Innovation programme Singapore (PIPS)

1) Research Fellow: We are seeking one Research Fellow with experience in process modelling and development, preferably within the fine chemistry/pharmaceuticals sectors. The candidate should be able to develop chemical process models and in simulation, specifically, modelling processes related to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, such as multiphase batch and continuous synthetic chemistry reactions, crystallisation, tableting, etc, using tools such as Matlab, gPROMS, Aspen Custom Modeller, or similar. See more