Internships (not currently active)


CARES is not offering internship opportunities at the moment.


Read more from our past interns at CARES:


Seungjun Cha

The exposure and experiences I gained at CARES were invaluable, which deepened my interest in pursuing further studies in functional nanomaterials development coupled with machine learning.

intern in 2023, materials engineering student at NTU

Hans Goh

It felt like I was given a front-row seat to watch the transformation of scientific research into commercialised products. Working constantly with accomplished PhDs has also piqued my interest in the field of research, which I have never previously considered.

intern in 2023, mechanical engineering student at NTU

Maerthe Tillman

The international group of corporate staff and Interdisciplinary researchers create a highly motivating research atmosphere including inspiring discussions and creating social activities such as celebrating Chinese New Year.

intern in 2023, Masters graduate from RWTH Aachen

George Fulham

From using the experimental capabilities at CARES, these results have yielded interesting new insights and allowed me to develop a clearer explanation for the activity results I have previously measured in Cambridge.

intern in 2023, PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge

Magnus Müller

The result of my research stay at Cambridge CARES was many new friends and valuable experiences, both personally and professionally. I am grateful to CARES for this opportunity and can’t wait to come back sometime.

intern in 2022, Cognitive Science Student at Osnabrück University

Matthew Santoso

During my time at CARES I was able to interact and deliver short presentations to collaborators from Singapore, Germany, and the UK. I am grateful for this experience working at CARES, as I was exposed to new areas of research and had a very supportive and welcoming environment during my entire stay.

intern in 2022, Chemical Engineering student at the University of Texas

Jannik Burre

One thing I enjoyed the most: the highly international and motivated atmosphere. It was great to see that so many researchers from all around the world work so determinedly on different topics.

intern in 2022, (Global) Process Technology Export at Covestro

Aman Singhal

I worked under Dr Nicholas Jose where I was tasked with programming and setting up a chemical testing station for the production of anti-bacterial paints. The experience was very rewarding as I could implement my prior knowledge in SolidWorks and programming and also pick up new programming languages during my internship.

intern in 2019, Senior Consultant at EY

Studentships (not currently active)


Cambridge CARES hosts PhD students from our partner institutions (University of Cambridge, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University). The studentship scheme is not currently active, but please get in touch with us at if you have any questions.