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CARES Lab provides practical chemical engineering experience, CARES summer intern Anira Perera reports

I'm an undergraduate student in Cambridge and was kindly offered an internship at CARES over the summer. I worked in IRP1, under Prof Alexei Lapkin and ran some experiments for a PhD candidate in Cambridge.

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CARES contributes to the "Energizing the Future", ICAE 2017, Chuan ZHANG reports

Organised by the Elsevier Applied Energy journal, the 9th International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE) was held in Cardiff, United Kingdom from 21 August to 24 August this year. Chuan ZHANG ( PhD Student, NTU, IRP3) reports.

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Dr Hugo Schmidt, CARES Lab Manager, takes ACSEL attendees on a tour of the CARES labs

Dr Hugo Schmidt reports on the CARES labs tour he conducted for the ACSEL attendees on 28th July.

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IRP1 researchers achieve a research breakthrough in the field of nanocatalyst fabrication

Prof Hua Chun Zeng (PI, NUS, IRP1) and Dr Guowu Zhan (RF, NUS, IRP1) recently achieved a research breakthrough in the field of nanocatalyst fabrication, and this work is currently highlighted in American Chemical Society’s top journal ACS Central Science (homepage):

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ACS Editor's Choice - Investigating the Role of Tunable Nitrogen Vacancies in Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheets for Efficient Visible-Light-Driven H2 Evolution and CO2 Reduction

Each day ACS Editors' Choice features an article selected from across all ACS journals by ACS editors for its potential broad public interest. Wenguang Tu, You Xu, Jiajia Wang, Bowei Zhang, Tianhua Zhou, Shengming Yin, Shuyang Wu, Chunmei Li, Yizhong Huang, Yong Zhou, Zhigang Zou, John Robertson, Markus Kraft (PI, IRP3), and Rong Xu

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A diverse range of topics and interesting speakers at CEB research day, Phd Student Naziah Mohamed Latiff reports

Travelling to Cambridge to attend CEB research day 2017, PhD student Naziah Mohamad Latiff reports

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Electrical Grids of the future: GIS-integrated Power-flow as an Online Service, wins best paper award

Electrical Grids of the future: GIS-integrated Power-flow as an Online Service

Authors: Dr. Joymala Moirangthem, Mr. Krishnanand K.R., Prof. S.K. Panda, and Prof. Gehan Amaratunga

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A private display for Prince Andrew took place at the British High Commission took place on 13th June 2017

Singapore, CARES C4T demonstrates J-Park Simulator, the next generation modelling tool for eco-industrial parks at a private display ‘Science is Great' event hosted at the British High Commission

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My research internship experience at CARES in Singapore, Yehia Amar reports

"I strongly recommend the internship scheme for students interested in the research scope within CARES. The program has enriched my PhD experience and my research career. I am grateful to my colleagues in Singapore and Cambridge for their support during this project."

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