CARES is delighted to have hosted Prof Javier Pérez-Ramírez from ETH-Zurich for a guest lecture at the CREATE Tower on 29th June 2022.

Prof Pérez-Ramírez’s lecture centred around recent examples from his laboratory illustrating how nanoscale engineering can kindle revolutionary technological advancements when understanding catalysed processes. Case studies in CO2 valorisation, polyvinyl chloride manufacture, hydrogenations, and organic syntheses that exemplified nanoscale engineering were also presented.

There was a 30-minute Q&A session where attendees benefitted from an interactive discussion to ask for Prof Pérez-Ramírez’s advice and opinions on a variety of topics that could help them in their own research. Additionally, CARES PIs Asst Prof Pau Liu and Asst Prof Tej Choksi brought Prof Pérez-Ramírez and some of their research students to the CARES lab for a short tour.

The similar themes of Prof Pérez-Ramírez’s work with our C4T IRP1 programme drew a strong crowd from our own researchers, as well as those from other CREATE entities, NUS, NTU, and A*STAR.

CARES is delighted to successfully return with our first in-person guest lecture after 2 years of transitioning to webinars and virtual talks. While the latter has allowed many of our researchers to remotely collaborate, on-site events continue to show the benefits of live discussions and interactions.

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Biography: Prof Javier Pérez-Ramírez is a Professor of Catalysis Engineering at ETH Zurich, his research pursues the nanoscale design of catalytic materials enabling the transition toward sustainable chemical and energy production. He directs NCCR Catalysis, a Swiss Centre of Competence in Research devoted to the development of carbon-neutral chemicals across the entire value chain through catalytic processes. Additionally, he has been recognised with several awards, most recently the Paul H. Emmett Award in Fundamental Catalysis for the North American Catalysis Society in 2019 and the EFCATS Robert K. Grasselli Award for Catalysis in 2021.

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