I had the opportunity to intern at Cambridge CARES in Singapore for the three months in 2022 prior to my final year at the University of Texas at Austin. I worked on the Pirmasens Sewage project, where I took relevant data classes such as pipe cross sections and construction material to construct an ontology to describe the physical sewage network of Pirmasens, Germany. The ontology will be used to develop a digital twin for helping the city of Pirmasens improve the energy efficiency of its sewage network. Additionally, I conducted a literature study on the thermal and energy efficiency of chemical plant processes to support the development of Singapore’s CO2 emission projection models. The study helps identify ways Singapore will reach its 2050 CO2 reduction targets.

As the majority of my work here focused on systems that I was not familiar with, I was greatly helped by Mei Qi Lim and Markus Hofmeister to quickly understand and get clued up on what was going on. I was able to interact and deliver short presentations regarding my ontology to collaborators from Singapore, Germany, and the UK. I am grateful for this experience working at CARES, as I was exposed to new areas of research and had a very supportive and welcoming environment during my entire stay.

Matthew Santoso, Chemical Engineering Student at the University of Texas, Austin. Internship opportunity under “The World Avatar – Chemical Engineering background”. 


C4T occasionally hosts internships (usually for undergraduate or graduate students studying a Chemical Engineering or Engineering programme). If you are interested in applying for an internship with us, in the first instance please send your CV and a brief description of why you are interested in an internship with C4T to recruitment@cares.cam.ac.uk

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