The team behind the AMPLE project spoke on their methodology that combines chemical engineering and materials science overcoming the current challenges of scaling up nanomaterials to tonne-scale manufacture.

Project Lead, Dr Nicholas Jose covered three components about AMPLE in this webinar: technology, product market fit, and value chain assessment.

This was followed by a panel discussion with Dr Mikhail Kovalev (Technical Development Manager) and Prof Alexei Lapkin (Principal Investigator), moderated by Mr Frank Peltner (Senior Assistant Director for Technology Development, NTUitive). The topics that were covered ranged from the team’s developmental work, thoughts on commercialisation and manufacturing processes using AI-controlled systems, as well as their vision for the spin-off company to be created in Singapore.



Please direct any enquiries about this project to Dr Nicholas Jose (

AMPLE is a collaboration between CARES and NTUitive funded by NRF’s Central Gap Fund. 

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