The Royal Academy of Engineering’s Fellowship represents the UK’s best engineering researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and business and industry leaders. New Fellows can only be nominated and elected by existing Fellows and 60 Fellows are typically awarded every year in recognition of their outstanding and continuing contributions to the profession.

CARES would like to congratulate Prof Epaminondas Mastorakos and Prof Manish Chhowalla for being elected as new Fellows in 2022. Prof Mastorakos is the lead Cambridge PI on the maritime decarbonisation project within our flagship C4T programme while Prof Chhowalla is a Co-I on another area of the programme that investigates sustainable reaction engineering.

Prof Mastorakos is a Hopkinson and Imperial Chemical Industries Professor of Applied Thermodynamics at the University of Cambridge. His ground-breaking theoretical developments and novel experiments in turbulent reacting flows have resulted in accurate and effective new design tools for energy applications such as gas turbines and automotive engines, among others. His research group at CARES focuses on the future of hydrogen and ammonia ships, and systematically compares low-carbon options in the marine sector.

Prof Chhowalla is a Goldsmiths Professor of Materials Science at the University of Cambridge. He is a pioneer in the synthesis and application of hard carbon films which have amorphous structures with predominantly diamond-like bonding. These films have been applied with nanometre-scale thicknesses on devices ranging from razor blades and magnetic disk read heads to corrosion-resistant bathroom fittings.

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Note: Prof Mastorakos’ picture is credited to ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, organisers of the first EUShippingBCE conference where Prof Mastorakos was a speaker and panellist.

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