Pictured are the CLIC PIs, Senior Scientific Advisors, SAC member, and senior stakeholders from NRF and CREATE

As the Centre for Lifelong Learning and Individualised Cognition (CLIC) approached the end of the first phase of their study investigating lifelong learning in Singaporean adolescents and adults, the team organised a series of outreach and engagement events between August and September.

The events were used to disseminate their research findings and reconnect with the most important beneficiaries – schoolchildren, their teachers and families, workers looking to stay relevant in a changing marketplace, and agencies and ministries who will be instrumental in creating long-term sustainable impact from CLIC’s research.

Senior leaders within the human potential research landscape in Singapore such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social and Family Development attended a closed-door policy discussion on Friday 25 August. Four workshops were organised by CLIC PIs that mapped out the potential of CLIC’s research across the lifespan: childhood, adolescence, adult, and future learning.

Left: Presentation by Prof Topun Austin on the general principles of brain development in Workshop 1.
Right: Presentation by Prof Hen
riette Hendriks and A/Prof George Christopoulos in Workshop 4.

The public enjoyed a 2-part Brainiverse Showcase and Brainiverse Interactive event on 26 August and 8 September respectively. The event’s theme was about exploring the vast world within our minds, immersing the public in activities related to learning, the brain, and mental well-being, with an added focus on CLIC’s research.

The Brainiverse Showcase presented three lectures throughout the day, a rousing decision-making game show, a team-based competition for school students to build the most resilient Jenga structure, and an art competition for special needs schools. The British High Commissioner to Singapore, Her Excellency Kara Owen, presented prizes to the competition winners and delivered closing remarks for the day.

Watch Prof Trevor Robbins’ talk, “Cognitive flexibility as the gateway to successful decision-making, creative thinking and optimal brain function”

Watch Prof David Rowitch’s talk, “Trapped in a brain without myelin – How one substance has enabled human brain complexity, learning and is a target in childhood neurological disease”

Watch Prof Sarah-Jayne Blakemore’s talk, “Sensitive periods of brain, cognitive and social development in human adolescence”

The Brainiverse Interactive returned to the ArtScience Museum for a second showcase with interactive booths spanning brain biology, brain imaging techniques, a brain game controlled entirely by brainwaves, and booths designed to test unique brain functions such as language abilities and decision-making skills. Additionally, attendees had the unique opportunity to try cognitive tests directly from CLIC’s research, experiencing firsthand the intriguing world of cognitive psychology.

The CLIC events have been a great success. Both closed-door and public attendees have found the events beneficial and educational. CLIC has created new opportunities for themselves to engage with the Singaporean public, and in response, more people are interested in participating and supporting their research.

By connecting with the general public and gaining insights into the challenges policymakers are encountering, the center now has a clearer understanding of the goals and practical applications of their research. This knowledge will play a crucial role in defining CLIC’s focus for the second phase of their study.


This research was funded by the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore under its Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) programme.

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