Research Fellow

Dr Kamal Elouarzaki received his PhD degree in 2011 from Moltech‐Anjou (Angers University)and was a CNRS postdoctoral fellow at the University of Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France, from 2011 to 2014. He then spent one year at the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. In 2016, he took up a position as a Senior Research Fellow at CARES.



Research Interest

- Molecular electrochemistry
- Modification of electrode surfaces
- Carbon nanotubes (modification and characterisation)
- Electrochemical and biosensors, immunosensors and DNA sensors
- Electrogenerated conducting and redox polymer
- Biofuel cells, molecular fuel cell, electrolysers
- Bio-inspired and biomimetic electrode materials for energy conversion

Key Publications

Google Scholar Link

Elouarzaki, Kamal, Vishvak Kannan, Vishal Jose, Harshjyot Singh Sabharwal, and Jong‐Min Lee. 2019. “Recent Trends, Benchmarking, and Challenges of Electrochemical Reduction of CO 2 by Molecular Catalysts.” Advanced Energy Materials 9 (24): 1900090.

Elouarzaki, Kamal, Vishvak Kannan, Yian Wang, Adrian C. Fisher, and Jong-Min Lee. 2021. “Electrocatalytic Dimeric Inactivation Mechanism by a Porphyrinic Molecular-Type Catalyst: Integration in a Glucose/O 2 Fuel Cell.” Catalysis Science & Technology, January, 10.1039.D0CY02443K.

Elouarzaki, Kamal, Yian Wang, Vishvak Kannan, Haoxiang Xu, Daojian Cheng, Jong-Min Lee, and Adrian C. Fisher. 2019. “Hydrogenase-Like Electrocatalytic Activation and Inactivation Mechanism by Three-Dimensional Binderless Molecular Catalyst.” ACS Applied Energy Materials 2 (5): 3352–62.

Lee, Joseph Yoon Young, Kamal Elouarzaki, Harshjyot Singh Sabharwal, Adrian C. Fisher, and Jong-Min Lee. 2020. “A Hydrogen/Oxygen Hybrid Biofuel Cell Comprising an Electrocatalytically Active Nanoflower/Laccase-Based Biocathode.” Catalysis Science & Technology, August, 10.1039.D0CY00675K.

Pankan, Aazraa O., Kamran Yunus, Ela Sachyani, Kamal Elouarzaki, Shlomo Magdassi, Minyu Zeng, and Adrian C. Fisher. 2020. “A Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Coated 3D Printed Anode Developed for Biophotovotaic Applications.” Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 872 (September): 114397.