Research Fellow

Dr Sheng obtained his B. Eng and PhD at the National University of Singapore. He worked extensively on synthesis, characterisation and catalytic applications of inorganic nanomaterials including noble metals, transition metal oxides/silicates and zeolites. His main area of research at CARES was on the flame synthesis of nanoparticles for catalytic applications. He is now an Assistant Professor at Zhejiang University of Technology.

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Research Interest

- Practical methods of nanomaterials synthesis
- Water splitting with earth-abundant catalysts
- Carbon dioxide utilisation

Key Publications

G. Liu†, Y. Sheng†, J.W. Ager, M. Kraft, & R. Xu. Research advanced towards large-scale solar hydrogen production from water. EnergyChem, 1, 100014 (2019)

M.Y. Manuputty, J.A.H. Dreyer, Y. Sheng, E.J. Bringley, M.L. Botero, J. Akroyd, & M. Kraft. Polymorphism of nanocrystalline TiO2 prepared in a stagnation flame: formation of the TiO2-II phase. Chemical Science, 10, 1342-1350 (2019)

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M.L. Botero, N. Eaves, J.A.H. Dreyer, Y. Sheng, J. Akroyd, W. Yang, & M. Kraft. Experimental and numerical study of the evolution of soot primary particles in a diffusion flame. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 37, 2047-2055 (2019)

S. Wu, W. Wang, W. Tu, S. Yin, Y. Sheng, M.Y. Manuputty, M. Kraft, & R. Xu. Premixed stagnation flame synthesized TiO2 nanoparticles with mixed phases for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen generation. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 6, 14470-14479 (2018)

Y. Sheng, M. Kraft, & R. Xu. Emerging applications of nanocatalysts synthesized by flame aerosol processes. Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, 20, 39-49 (2018)

Y. Sheng, M.L. Botero, M.Y. Manuputty, M. Kraft, & R. Xu. Co3O4 and FexCo3–xO4 nanoparticles/films synthesized in a vapor-fed flame aerosol reactor for oxygen evolution. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 1, 655-665 (2018)

Y.R. Tan, M.L. Botero, Y. Sheng, J.A.H. Dreyer, R. Xu, W. Yang, & M. Kraft. Sooting characteristics of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ether blends with diesel in a diffusion flame. Fuel, 224, 499-506 (2018)

S. Yin, W. Tu, Y. Sheng, Y. Du, M. Kraft, A. Borgna, & R. Xu. A highly efficient oxygen evolution catalyst consisting of interconnected nickel-iron-layered double hydroxide and carbon nanodomains. Advanced Materials, 30, 1705106 (2018)

J. Dou, Y. Sheng, C. Choong, L. Chen, & H.C. Zeng. Silica nanowires encapsulated Ru nanoparticles as stable nanocatalysts for selective hydrogenation of CO2 to CO. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 219, 580-591 (2017)

Y. Sheng & H.C. Zeng. Monodisperse aluminosilicate spheres with tunable Al/Si ratio and hierarchical macro-meso-microporous structure. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7, 13578-13589 (2015)

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