Dr Guo Xiong THAM

PhD Student

Guo Xiong has completed research programmes with Murdoch University (Australia) and the University of Edinburgh (UK) in the areas of potable water chemistry and synthetic heterocycles respectively.

His PhD research at CARES was motivated by the rapidly growing application of microfluidic systems within electrochemical analysis. The work involves the design, development and application of electrochemical devices that can be used directly within microscopes, spectrometers or high resolution imaging techniques. The research will deliver new insights into the redox properties of (bio)chemical reactions with a particular focus on electrochemical energy systems such as (bio)sensors, batteries, supercapacitors etc.



Research Interest

Disposable and accurate electrochemical devices in the use of healthcare diagnostics and other applications.

Key Publications

Google Scholar Link

Tham, Guo Xiong, Arnold Subrata, Adrian C. Fisher, and Richard D. Webster. 2021. “Properties of Electrochemically Copolymerized Aniline and Melamine on Functionalized Multiwalled‐carbon Nanotube Film Electrodes.” Electrochemical Science Advances, May.

Tham, Guo Xiong, Adrian C. Fisher, and Richard D. Webster. 2020. “Voltammetric Studies on Surface-Modified Electrodes with Functionalised Carbon Nanotubes under Different Dispersion Conditions.” Electrochimica Acta 357 (October): 136880.

Tham, Guo Xiong, Adrian C. Fisher, and Richard D. Webster. 2019. “A Vitamin-Based Voltammetric PH Sensor That Functions in Buffered and Unbuffered Media.” Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 283: 495–503.