Clifford Chi Hung VO

PhD Student

Chi Hung obtained a First Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University. During his undergraduate, he was part of the premier CN Yang Scholars Programme. He has been awarded several scholarships, including the ASEAN scholarship and A*STAR scholarship. Chi Hung has two years' working experience as a process engineer at Micron Semiconductor. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD at National University of Singapore.

Chi Hung’s research focused on the biological fixation of CO2 by the archaeon M. maripaludis S2. His work involved identifying and quantifying compounds produced by this microorganism. He is also interested in using experimental data to construct a metabolic model for M. maripaludis S2. A promising application of this study is the use of a bioreactor to convert CO2 into useful fuels or other organic compounds.

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Research Interest

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