Liwei CAO

PhD Student

Liwei was a PhD student in Prof. Alexei Lapkin's Sustainable Reaction Engineering group. During her PhD, she worked on combining artificial intelligence and an automated experimental platform in formulated product design.



Research Interest

Key Publications

Bai, Jiaru, Liwei Cao, Sebastian Mosbach, Jethro Akroyd, Alexei A. Lapkin, and Markus Kraft. 2022. “From Platform to Knowledge Graph: Evolution of Laboratory Automation.” JACS Au 2 (2): 292–309.

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Cao, Liwei, Mikhail Kabeshov, Steven V Ley, and Alexei A Lapkin. 2020. “In Silico Rationalisation of Selectivity and Reactivity in Pd-Catalysed C–H Activation Reactions.” Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 16 (June): 1465–75.

Cao, Liwei, Danilo Russo, Kobi Felton, Daniel Salley, Abhishek Sharma, Graham Keenan, Werner Mauer, Huanhuan Gao, Leroy Cronin, and Alexei A. Lapkin. 2021. “Optimization of Formulations Using Robotic Experiments Driven by Machine Learning DoE.” Cell Reports Physical Science, 100295.

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