Dr Yong YAN

Research Fellow

Dr Yan was a Research Fellow in C4T and worked on nanoparticle synthesis. He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from NTU, Singapore and his Masters degree in Environmental Engineering from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

Read: Dr Yan attends the 9th International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE) on August 2017



Research Interest

Key Publications

ResearchGate Profile

Li, Renhong, Zhiqi Liu, Quang Thang Trinh, Ziqiang Miao, Shuang Chen, Kaicheng Qian, Roong Jien Wong, et al. 2021. “Strong Metal–Support Interaction for 2D Materials: Application in Noble Metal/TiB 2 Heterointerfaces and Their Enhanced Catalytic Performance for Formic Acid Dehydrogenation.” Advanced Materials 33 (32): 2101536.

Qian, Kaicheng, Yong Yan, Shibo Xi, Tong Wei, Yihu Dai, Xiaoqing Yan, Hisayoshi Kobayashi, Sheng Wang, Wen Liu, and Renhong Li. 2021. “Elucidating the Strain–Vacancy–Activity Relationship on Structurally Deformed Co@CoO Nanosheets for Aqueous Phase Reforming of Formaldehyde.” Small 17 (51): 2102970.

Yan, Yong, Roong Jien Wong, Zhirui Ma, Felix Donat, Shibo Xi, Syed Saqline, Qianwenhao Fan, et al. 2022. “CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol on Tungsten-Doped Cu/CeO2 Catalysts.” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 306 (June): 121098.

Yan, Yibo, Kaixin Li, Yihu Dai, Xiaoping Chen, Jun Zhao, Yong Yan, Jijiang Huang, Yanhui Yang, and Jong-Min Lee. 2016. “Controlled Synthesis of 3D Nanoplate-Assembled La2O3 Hierarchical Microspheres for Enzyme-Free Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide.” ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES 3 (14).

Yan, Yong, Yihu Dai, Hong He, Yunbo Yu, and Yanhui Yang. 2016. “A Novel W-Doped Ni-Mg Mixed Oxide Catalyst for CO2 Methanation.” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 196: 108–16.

Yan, Yong, Yihu Dai, Yanhui Yang, and Alexei Lapkin. 2018. “Improved Stability of Y2O3 Supported Ni Catalysts for CO2 Methanation by Precursor-Determined Metal-Support Interaction.” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 237 (December): 504–12.

Yan, Yong, Qiaojuan Wang, Chunyang Jiang, Yao Yao, Di Lu, Jianwei Zheng, Yihu Dai, Hongming Wang, and Yanhui Yang. 2018. “Ru/Al2O3 Catalyzed CO2 Hydrogenation: Oxygen-Exchange on Metal-Support Interfaces.” Journal of Catalysis 367 (November): 194–205.