Zheng LIU

Research Associate

Liu Zheng received his Master’s degree in Automotive engineering from University of Bath in 2015. In 2015, He started the PhD study at University of Bath in the Powertrain and Vehicle Research Center focusing on the designing, mapping, and optimising the mixed flow turbines especially under unsteady flow conditions. During his PhD study, he participated in several funded industrial research projects as a research co-investigator, including experimental testing of automotive turbochargers, optimisation of the compressor intake duct, balancing the thrust force of a twin-compressor using CFD (computational fluid dynamics), one-dimensional optimisation of a steamed Inverted Brayton Cycle for waste heat recovery.

In June 2019, he joined Nanyang Technological University as a Research Associate. While at CARES, his research project was in collaboration with Daimler AG and focused on the aerodynamic optimisation of a novel turbocharger twin-entry turbine for a better fuel economy of automotive engines.



Research Interest

- Waste heat recovery
- Radial turbomachinery design and optimisation
- Thermal energy storage

Key Publications

ResearchGate Profile

Liu, Z., and Copeland, C., 2018. “New method for mapping radial turbines exposed to pulsating flows”. Energy, 162, pp. 1205–1222.

Liu, Z., and Copeland, C., 2019. "Optimization of a Radial Turbine for Pulsating Flows." ASME. J. Eng. Gas Turbines Power. doi:

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Kennedy, I., Duda, T., Liu, Z., Ceen, B., Jones, A. and Copeland, C.D., 2019. “Investigation into a Combined Inverted Brayton and Rankine Cycle”. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 141(12).