Assoc Prof Raymond Wai Man LAU

Principal Investigator

Dr Raymond Lau joined the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering in December 2005. He received his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering under the supervision of Prof Liang-Shih Fan from the Ohio State University. He currently serves as the associate editor of Advanced Powder Technology by Elsevier Science and a regular reviewer of over 11 international journals such as AIChE Journal, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Chemical Engineering Science, etc.

Dr Lau was a PI on the C4T programme.

Past Members

Past Members

Research Interest

Fluidisation, multiphase flow and reactor design.

Dr Lau's current research works focus on the kinetic and hydrodynamic study of Fisher-Tropsch Synthesis process, particle formulation and inhaler design in dry powder inhalation, and process engineering study of microalgae cultivation.

Key Publications

Google Scholar Link

F.Y. Zhang, T.Q.N. Nguyen, B.H. Tay, A. Mendyk, Y.-H .Shao & R. Lau*. (2015). Roughness-controlled Self-assembly of Mannitol/LB Agar Microparticles by Polymorphic Transformation for Pulmonary Drug Delivery. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 12, 223-231.

Nguyen, T. Q. N. Giam, H. L. Wang, Y. Pacławski, A. Szlęk, J. Mendyk, A. Shao, Y. H. Lau, R. (2014). Surface modification of pollen-shape carriers for dry powder inhalation through surface etching. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 53(51), 19943–19950.

Q.J. Yao, N.B. Samad, B. Keller, X.S.S. Seah, L. Huang, & R. Lau*. (2014). Mobility of Heavy Metals and Rare Earth Elements in Incineration Bottom Ash through Ball Milling and Fluidized Bed Treatment. Chemical Engineering Science, 118, 214-220.

R. Natarajan, X. Chen, W.M.R. Ang, & R. Lau*. (2014). Lipid Releasing Characteristics of Microalgae through Continuous Ultrasonication. Bioresource Technology, 158(1), 7-11.

Nguyen Thi Quynh Ngoc, Lusi Chang, Xinli Jia, Raymond Lau. (2013). Experimental investigation of design parameters on dry powder inhaler performance. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 457(1), 92–100.