Prof Iftekhar KARIMI

Principal Investigator

Professor Karimi specializes in Process Modeling, Synthesis, Integration, Optimization and Development; Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency; Machine Learning, Oil and Gas supply chains; Carbon Capture & Utilization; and Technoeconomic Assessments. He has published extensively in the area of PSE, with >8000 citations till date, and has led many industry-collaborative research and consulting projects (e.g. SRC, SLNG, SPPG, Shell, Rolls-Royce, Qatargas). Professor Karimi’s work is also supported by NRF, NCCS, EMA, ExxonMobil and SgEC.

He was a PI on the C4T programme.

Past Members

Past Members

Research Interest

- Modeling and optimisation
- Energy systems and energy efficiency
- Planning and scheduling
- Oil and gas supply chains
- Systems biology

Key Publications

Google Scholar Link

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2022 Singapore National Day Awards: Long Service Medal
1994 DuPont’s Best Manufacturing Technology award
1985 IBM faculty development award