Assoc Prof Sui ZHANG

Principal Investigator

Assoc Prof Zhang Sui joined CARES in 2021 as a Principal Investigator for the C4T programme.

Assoc Prof Zhang obtained her PhD from the National University of Singapore in 2012, before taking up positions as a Research Fellow at NUS (until 2015) and a Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT (until 2017). Since 2017, she has been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at NUS, where she runs the Advanced Membrane Lab.

Singapore - NUS


C4T extended projects

Research Interest

- Membrane science and technology
- 2D materials and 2D composite membranes
- Desalination and water treatment
- Energy and environment

Key Publications

Google Scholar Link

L. Shen, Q. Shi, S. Zhang, J. Gao, D. C. Cheng, M. Yi, R. Song, L. Wang, J. Jiang, R. Karnik, S. Zhang*, Highly porous nanofiber-supported monolayer graphene membranes for ultrafast organic solvent nanofiltration, Science Advances 7, (2021) abg6263.

Y. Lu, L. Zhang, L. Shen, W. Liu, R. Karnik, S. Zhang*, Monolayer graphene membranes for molecular separation in high-temperature harsh organic solvents, PNAS, 2021 118 (37) e2111360118;

F. Li, C. Fang, W. Liu, L. Yang, B. Guo, S. Zhang*, High recovery, energy efficient wastewater desalination, J. Membr. Sci. 631 (2021) 119317.

C. Shang, D. Prankyo, S. Zhang*, Understanding roughness – fouling relationship in reverse osmosis: Mechanism and implications, Environmental Science & Technology, 54 (2020) 5288-5296.


2022 Faculty Research Award, NUS College of Design and Engineering
2021 AIChE SLS Outstanding Young Faculty Award