Prof Jim Yang LEE

Principal Investigator

Prof Lee Jim Yang was a Lead PI for IRP2 of CARES' C4T project until his retirement in 2021.



Research Interest

- Materials for batteries and fuel cells
- Shape-and-size-controlled synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials and their assembly
- CO2 mitigation technologies

Key Publications

Fang, C.L., et al., Ion Pair Reinforced Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Network for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Applications. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012. 116(22): p.6416-6424.

Chen, D.Y., et al., Reversible Lithium-Ion Storage in Silver-Treated Nanoscale Hollow Porous Silicon Particles. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2012. 51(10): p. 2409-2413.

Yang, J., J.Y. Lee, and J.Y. Ying, Phase transfer and its applications in nanotechnology. Chemical Society Reviews, 2011. 40(3): p. 1672-1696.

Ji, G., Y. Ma, and J.Y. Lee, Mitigating the initial capacity loss (ICL) problem in high-capacity lithium ion battery anode materials. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2011. 21(27): p.9819-9824.

Zhang, Q.B., et al., Tuning the Crystallinity of Au Nanoparticles. Small, 2010. 6(4): p.523-527.