Co-Principal Investigator

Dr Boies is a lecturer in the Department of Engineering, Division A. His research focuses on advancing low-carbon and energy-efficient transportation solutions.

Dr Boies conducts macro-level research examining energy use and emissions within the transportation sector, focusing on the lifecycle analysis of vehicles and fuels. He is interested in applying first and second law thermodynamic approaches to optimise the production of fuels. He also examines how implementation of new vehicle technologies impact city-scale energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr Boies' experimental work focuses on the production of novel core-shell nanoparticles for catalytic applications, such as fuel cells and fuel production. He specialises in gas-phase nanoparticle synthesis and measurement techniques of composite particle structures.




Research Interest

- Advancing low-carbon and energy-efficient transportation solutions.

Key Publications

M. Dickau, J. S. Olfert, A. Momenimovahed, K. Thompson, G. Smallwood, M. E. J. Stettler, A.M. Boies, Y. Sevcenco, A. Crayford, and M. Johnson, Submitted 2016. Volatility and Effective Density of Particles Emitted from a Gas Turbine Engine, Atmospheric Environment.

D.J. Worth, M.E.J. Stettler, P. Dickenson, K. Hegarty, and A.M. Boies. Submitted 2016. Characterization and Evaluation of Methane Oxidation Catalysts for Dual Fuel Diesel and Natural Gas Engines, Emission Control Science & Technology.

M. Dickau, J. Olfert, M. Stettler, A. M. Boies, A. Momenimovahed, K. Thomson, G. Smallwood, and M. Johnson, Submitted 2016. Methodology for Quantifying the Mixing State of an Aerosol, Aerosol Science & Technology.

Stettler, M., W. Midgley, J. Swanson, D. Cebon, A.M. Boies, 2016. Greenhouse Gas and Noxious Emissions from Dual Fuel Diesel and Natural Gas Heavy Goods Vehicles. Environmental Science & Technology 50(4) 2018-2026.

Hoecker, C., F. Smail, M. Bajada, M. Pick, A.M. Boies, 2016. Catalyst Nanoparticle Growth Dynamics and Their Influence on Product Morphology in a CVD Process for Continuous Carbon Nanotube Synthesis. Carbon 96 116-124.