Co-Principal Investigator

Professor John Robertson is a Professor of Electronic Engineering at Cambridge University, UK. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, the American Physical Society and of the Materials Research Society. He received his BA degree in Natural Science from Cambridge University and his PhD in Physics from Cambridge University. After working in industry for 18 years, he joined the Engineering Department of Cambridge University in 1994.

He has published about 600 journal papers, with over 33,000 citations and is a ISI highly cited author in Materials Science. His research interests are in electronic materials in general, such materials for the CMOS gate stack, high dielectric constant oxides, thin film transistors including amorphous semiconducting oxides, carbon nanotubes, graphene, diamond-like carbon and CVD processes.

He is an Associate Editor of Journal of Applied Physics, and has been on the Editorial Board of Physical Review Letters.




Research Interest

- Carbon Nanotubes, graphene, chemical vapour deposition, electronic applications (experimental and calculation)
- Modelling of CVD mechanisms
- Carbon interconnects, carbon conductors, carbon for supercapacitors
- High dielectric constant (K) oxides for complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistors
- High K oxides on high mobility substrates such as InGaAs, Ge (modelling)
- Transparent conducting oxides, amorphous oxide semiconductors (AOS) such as InGaZn oxide, their thin film transistors, instability mechanisms (calculations)
- Density functional calculations of semiconductors, oxides, carbon materials, and hybrid density functional calculations for correct band gaps
- Functional oxides, TiO2

Key Publications