Dr ZONG Yichen

Research Fellow

Dr Yichen Zong obtained his B.S. (2011) and PhD (2016) in Thermal Engineering at Tsinghua University. He was also a visiting researcher in the University of Tokyo before he joined CARES in 2017. Dr Yichen Zong is interested in the nature of ultrafine particles in atmosphere and combustion process. He now works on a series of experimental studies investigating soot, engine emissions and airborne PM (particulate matter) by using DMS, AMS and laser techniques. With the collaboration of environmental scientists, Dr Zong aims to develop clean utilisation of fuels to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change.

Singapore - CARES



Research Interest

- Fuel and combustion
- Laser diagnostics
- Emission control

Key Publications

Zong, Yichen, Maria L. Botero, Liya E. Yu, and Markus Kraft. ‘Size Spectra and Source Apportionment of Fine Particulates in Tropical Urban Environment during Southwest Monsoon Season’. Environmental Pollution, October 2018.