Prof WANG Chi-Hwa

Co-Principal Investigator

Prof Wang is based in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, NUS.

PhD (Chem. Eng.) Princeton, 1996
MA (Chem. Eng.) Princeton, 1993
MSc (Biomedical Eng.) Johns Hopkins, 1991
BSc (Chem. Eng.) Natn\' l Taiwan, 1987

Singapore - NUS


Research Interest

- Solid/liquid separation
- Drug delivery systems
- Flows and dynamics of granular materials

Key Publications

X.H. Zhu, D.Y. Arifin, B.H. Khoo,J. Hua, C.H. Wang, “Study of Cell Seeding on Porous Poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) Sponge and Growth in a Couette-Taylor Bioreactor, Chem. Eng. Sci., 65 2108-2117 (2010).

J. Xie, A. Rezvanpour, C.H. Wang, J. Hua, “Electric field controlled electrospray deposition for precise particle pattern and cell pattern formation”, AIChE Journal, 56, 2607-2621 (2010).

S.H. Ranganath, Y. Fu, D.Y. Arifin, I. Kee, L. Zheng, H.S. Lee,P K. Chow, C.H. Wang, \"The use of submicron/nanoscale PLGA implants to deliver paclitaxel with enhanced pharmacokinetics and therapeutic efficacy in intracranial glioblastoma in mice\", Biomaterials, 31, 5199-5207 (2010).