Co-Principal Investigator

Professor Jan Maciejowski's main research interest is in Model Predictive Control, in which control actions are determined by solving numerical optimisation problems online in real time. He is also interested in fault-tolerant control, and in applications of control theory to electrical power systems and to aerospace. His recent research has shown that optimal control of aircraft trajectories in the terminal manoeuvring area of a busy airport could save up to 30% of the fuel used in climbing and descending. He has previously worked on reducing the carbon footprint of paper-making.

Professor Maciejowski is the author of two prize-winning textbooks, Multivariable Feedback Design (Addison-Wesley, 1989) and Predictive Control with Constraints (Prentice-Hall, 2002). He graduated from Sussex University in 1971 with a BSc degree in Automatic Control, and from Cambridge University in 1978 with a PhD degree in Control Engineering.



C4T IRP 4 (Phase 1)

Research Interest

Modelling and control of poorly-understood systems, or well-understood systems operating in poorly-understood environments. Successful control despite faults or failures.

Key Publications