Dr Nicholas JOSE

Research Fellow

Nicholas is a Research Fellow at CARES. He earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge in 2019. His work focuses on the development of scalable methods for synthesis of high performance nanomaterials. In the RINGs project (Rapid Industrialization of Next Generation Nanomaterials) he is optimising materials at the kilogram scale for commercial applications in antimicrobials, energy storage and catalysis, using a machine learning, high throughput characterisation and novel microreactor technology.

In 2020, Nicholas founded the spin-off company Accelerated Materials, which uses a novel R&D methodology, incorporating intensified microreactor technology and machine learning, to accelerate scale-up of high-quality functional nanomaterials.




Research Interest

- Sustainable reaction engineering
- In situ TEM
- Nanomaterial synthesis
- Microfluidics
- Catalysis
- Adsorption
- Soft matter
- Automation

Key Publications

Jose, Nicholas A., Hua Chun Zeng, and Alexei A. Lapkin. 2018. ‘Hydrodynamic Assembly of Two-Dimensional Layered Double Hydroxide Nanostructures’. Nature Communications 9 (1).

Jose, Nicholas A., Hua Chun Zeng, and Alexei A. Lapkin. 2020. ‘Scalable and Precise Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Metal Organic Framework Nanosheets in a High Shear Annular Microreactor’. Chemical Engineering Journal 388 (May): 124133.

Jose, Nicholas, and Alexei Lapkin. 2019. ‘Influence of Hydrodynamics on Wet Syntheses of Nanomaterials’. In Advanced Nanomaterials for Catalysis and Energy, 29–59. Elsevier.