Dr Simon SUNG

Research Fellow

Simon received his MSci degree in chemistry from Imperial College London in 2011 where he performed R&D on new multi-metallic MRI bioimaging agents under the supervision of Dr James Wilton-Ely. As part of his degree he spent one year in industry at the Home Office Scientific Development Branch. In 2015, he obtained his PhD degree at Imperial College London under the supervision of Dr Rob Davies (IC), Prof Chris Braddock (IC), Prof Alan Armstrong (IC), Dr David Sale (Syngenta), and Dr Colin Brennan (Syngenta) as part of the Pharmacat Consortium, where he investigated the mechanism of the modified Ullmann reaction. He then moved to the National University of Singapore, spending four years as a Research Fellow in Prof Rowan Young’s laboratory developing new complexes for unique bond activation chemistry and catalysis.

Currently he is a Research Fellow on the Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPS) project combining synthetic chemistry, automated process development, and machine learning.

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