Dr Mohammed JERAAL

Research Fellow

Mohammed obtained his master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Leeds in 2014, working on the automated development of chemical reactions in continuous flow. Mohammed undertook at a one-year placement at TATA Steel Europe as an environment chemist as part of this programme. Through a subsequent project with a leading fine chemical manufacturer, he designed and built a bespoke flow system for the continuous manufacture of bio-renewable materials. In 2019, Mohammed completed his PhD at the School of Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Leeds. His research, under the supervision of Dr. David Harbottle and Prof. Kevin Roberts, focused on the use of X-scattering and molecular modelling techniques to understand the complex phase behaviour of multi-component synthetic surfactant systems.
Currently, Mohammed works as Research Fellow on the Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPS) project which involves the combination of automated robotic experiments, online process analytics and machine learning algorithms for the optimisation of multi-step chemical processes.

Singapore - CARES



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