Science Communication Officer

Dr Andrew Breeson was the Science Communication Officer for Cambridge CARES. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry from University College London (UCL) in 2017. Subsequently, he worked as a science communicator for Cambridge-based life science marketing company, BioStrata. He then moved to Singapore in 2018 to become a Science Communication Manager for the National University of Singapore (NUS), where he oversaw NUS Research News.

He joined CARES in 2021 as the Science Communication Officer, where he acted as a bridge of communication between the Director and various research teams. His role was to translate complex scientific concepts into clear, engaging narratives and promote CARES research to a broader audience. He left CARES in 2024 to join the Institute for Digital Molecular Analytics and Science (IDMxS) based at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) as a Science Communication Project Manager.

Past Members

Past Members

Research Interest

- Science communication
- Research management
- Data analysis

Key Publications

Hacking decarbonization with a community-operated CreatorSpace; Aleksandar Kondinski, Sebastian Mosbach, Jethro Akroyd, Andrew Breeson, Yong Ren Tan, Simon Rihm, Jiaru Bai, Markus Kraft; Chem (2024); DOI:

New book, Intelligent Decarbonisation, offers hope that artificial intelligence could help end climate change; Andrew Breeson; International Journal of Big Data Mining for Global Warming (2022); DOI:

Phase quantification by X-ray photoemission valence band analysis applied to mixed phase TiO2 powders; Andrew Breeson, Gopinathan Sankar, Gregory Goh, Robert Palgrave; Applied Surface Science (2017); DOI:

Rutile to anatase phase transition induced by N doping in highly oriented TiO2 films; Andrew Breeson, Gopinathan Sankar, Gregory Goh, Robert Palgrave; Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2016); DOI:


- Drafted grant proposals, manuscripts, press releases, conference submissions, and presentations
- Communicated research outcomes to relevant stakeholders
- Assisted with activity planning, progress tracking, and organisation of academic projects and events
- Conducted data processing and analysis
- Provided research support as needed