PhD candidate, University of Cambridge

Subhajit Bhattacharjee received his integrated bachelor’s and master’s (BS–MS) degree in chemical sciences from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata, India in 2019 and is currently pursuing his PhD under Prof Erwin Reisner at the University of Cambridge, U.K. His research broadly lies in the domain of materials and energy sciences, and primarily focuses on the design, development, and engineering of solar and electro-driven technologies for sustainable energy production, waste valorisation, and CO2 utilisation. Some of his projects include: building efficient photoelectrochemical devices and ‘artificial leaves’ for selective waste-to-fuel/chemical production, bio-electrocatalytic olefin generation, chemoenzymatic photoreforming of plastics, and solar-driven CO2 capture and conversion, among others.

Subhajit visited CARES as a Visiting Scientist in January 2023 where he delivered a talk in CREATE and attended the Global Young Scientist Summit (GYSS) event.

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S. Bhattacharjee‡, M. Rahaman‡, V. Andrei, M. Miller, S. Rodríguez-Jiménez, E. Lam, C. Pornrungroj, and E. Reisner*, Photoelectrochemical CO2-to-fuel Conversion with Simultaneous Plastic Reforming, Nat. Synth. 2022 (accepted).

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S. Bhattacharjee, V. Andrei, C. Pornrungroj, M. Rahaman, C. M. Pichler and E. Reisner*, Reforming of Soluble Biomass and Plastic Derived Waste using a Bias-Free Cu30Pd70|Perovskite|Pt Photoelectrochemical Device, Adv. Funct. Mater. 2022, 32, 2109313.

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