PhD candidate, University of Cambridge

Scott Elgersma is a final-year PhD student in chemical engineering working under the supervision of Prof Dame Lynn Gladden at the University of Cambridge. His research involves the development and application of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods for operando measurements of mass transport and reaction within chemical reactors. The unique measurement capabilities of MRI enable the study of catalyst pellets at commercially relevant operating conditions. Such measurements provide fundamental reactor engineering insight, and ultimately promise to advance the reactor and catalyst technology used in heterogeneously catalysed processes. Originally from Alberta, Canada, Scott received his BSc. in chemical engineering from the University of Alberta, during which time he completed multiple internships in the chemical and energy industry. Outside of work, Scott enjoys cycling, sailing, and cross country skiing.

Scott visited CARES as a Visiting Scientist in January 2023 where he delivered a talk in CREATE and attended the Global Young Scientist Summit (GYSS) event.

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