Prof Bassam DALLY

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, KAUST

Prof Bassam Dally's research interests include combustion science, aerodynamics, heat transfer, applied optics, computational fluid dynamics, and renewable energy including wind, solar and tidal wave. His interest spans fundamental to translational research, including turbulence chemistry interaction, soot evolution in flames, structure and stability of MILD combustion, hydrogen and ammonia energy victors, energy storage, hybrid energy systems and fuel adaptation to industrial processes. His current research is focused on developing cost-effective and innovative technologies that deliver carbon mitigation under the circular carbon economy approach. In particular, he is working on technology solutions to decarbonize heavy industries through flexible integration of renewable sources such electrification, hydrogen and ammonia combustion and concentrated solar thermal.

Prof Dally visited CARES as a Visiting Scientist in March 2023 where he delivered a talk in CREATE and collaborated with our visiting Cambridge PI, Prof Epaminondas Mastorakos.

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