Dr Li Chin LAW

Research Fellow

Dr Law Li Chin obtained her bachelor degree and Doctor of Philosophy in chemical engineering at University Science of Malaysia. Her expertise is in the field of techno-economic analysis of carbon capture. She is a member of Board of Engineering Malaysia. Having worked in the shipbuilding industry for five years, Dr Law has experience in the process design of the topsides and living quarters of vessels. She was involved in the deliveries of the Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) project including Libra FPSO and Johan Castberg FPSO with Sembcorp Marine Shipyard as process and piping engineer. She was also appointed as a lead piping engineer during her period of service. Her experience and knowledge in ship design and building made her competent for the research related to maritime decarbonisation.

Dr Law is now a Research Rellow affiliated with Cambridge CARES. Her research primarily centres around the maritime industry and with a specific focus on shipping decarbonisation. She has founded EMICAST, a spin-off company from Cambridge CARES, aiming to merge research expertise with practical industry applications to empower maritime sustainability.

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Research Interest

Dr Law's main research interest is in the area of decarbonisation and the maritime industry.

Key Publications

Law, Li Chin, Mohd Roslee Othman, and Epaminondas Mastorakos. 2023. ‘Numerical Analyses on Performance of Low Carbon Containership’. Energy Reports 9 (December): 3440–57.

Law, Li Chin, Epaminondas Mastorakos, and Stephen Evans. 2022. ‘Estimates of the Decarbonization Potential of Alternative Fuels for Shipping as a Function of Vessel Type, Cargo, and Voyage’. Energies 15 (20): 7468.

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