Nicholas DRURY

Business Development Manager

Nicholas Drury was the Regional Lead (Asia Pacific) for the Cambridge Alternative Finance Collaboration Network (CAFCN), a tri-lateral programmatic relationship between the UK Government, Asian Development Bank Institute and the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (part of the Judge Business School) with the aim of accelerating tech-enabled financial innovation and knowledge sharing across the region. While the project ended in March 2022, Nicholas has continued his association with Cambridge both as a Research Associate, and as a core tutor on the Cambridge FinTech and Regulatory Innovation Programme (CFTRI).

Nicholas was also the Business Development Manager for the World Avatar (TWA), a project that aims to build a digital avatar of the world. TWA has components being developed by the JPS programme with collaboration from industry partners.

Past Members

Past Members

Research Interest

Nicholas is interested in finance, particularly Alternative Finance; including financial channels and instruments that emerge outside of more traditional financial systems.

Key Publications