Satya Umamaheswari KENCHA

Quality Control Scientist

Ms Kencha Satya received her Master’s degree in 2012 from Kakatiya University, India with major in Medicinal Chemistry. She started her research work in Synthesis and coatings of novel polymers for anti-bacterial applications in 2017 from Chemical & Biomolecular engineering, NUS, Singapore before joining the CARES C4T programme in June 2020 to continue her research in antimicrobial coatings of ZnO-based formulations. She was part of the research team for the AMPLE project which aims to work together with industrial partners in the pharmaceutical, energy, and functional coatings sectors to rapidly scale new material technologies for high quality and low cost.

Past Members

Past Members

Research Interest

- ASTM and ISO methods of antimicrobial testing
- High shear flow reactor
- UV-VIS spectroscopy
- Raman spectroscopy

Key Publications