Dr Alvin Ming Hao LIM

Chemical Process Engineer

Dr Alvin Lim obtained his Ph.D. degree from NUS in 2022, under the supervision of Prof Zeng Hua Chun. Prior to his PhD studies, he worked as a Process Engineer for a R&D company at Biopolis, Singapore and pursued his M.Sc. in NUS. During his Ph.D. candidature, he was researching on nanomaterials and catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation under C4T IRP1 team. He then worked as a Research Fellow at NUS in 2022, before joining the AMPLE project in June 2023 as a Chemical Process Engineer.

Singapore - CARES



Research Interest

Key Publications

Kosari, Mohammadreza, Uzma Anjum, Shibo Xi, Alvin M. H. Lim, Abdul Majeed Seayad, Emmanuel A. J. Raj, Sergey M. Kozlov, Armando Borgna, and Hua Chun Zeng. 2021. ‘Revamping SiO 2 Spheres by Core–Shell Porosity Endowment to Construct a Mazelike Nanoreactor for Enhanced Catalysis in CO 2 Hydrogenation to Methanol’. Advanced Functional Materials, July, 2102896.

Kosari, Mohammadreza, Alvin M. H. Lim, Yu Shao, Bowen Li, Kelvin M. Kwok, Abdul Majeed Seayad, Armando Borgna, and Hua Chun Zeng. 2023. ‘Thermocatalytic CO2 Conversion by Siliceous Matter: A Review’. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11 (4): 1593–1633.

Lim, Alvin M. H., and Hua Chun Zeng. 2021. ‘Antisolvent Route to Ultrathin Hollow Spheres of Cerium Oxide for Enhanced CO Oxidation’. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (17): 20501–10.

Lim, Alvin M. H., and Hua Chun Zeng. 2023. ‘Controlling Nanosheet Spacing of ZnAl-Layered Double Hydroxide Assemblages for High-Efficiency Hydrogenation of CO 2 to Methanol’. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 62 (4): 1877–90.

Lim, Alvin Ming Hao, Jun Wen Yeo, and Hua Chun Zeng. 2023. ‘Preparation of CuZn-Doped MgAl-Layered Double Hydroxide Catalysts through the Memory Effect of Hydrotalcite for Effective Hydrogenation of CO 2 to Methanol’. ACS Applied Energy Materials 6 (2): 782–94.