Dr Shuyuan ZHANG

Research Fellow

Dr Shuyuan obtained his bachelor degree from Tsinghua University at the Department of Chemical Engineering in 2018. Later he received his PhD degree investigating artificial intelligence methods in microfluidic processes at the same place. He joined the PIPS project at CARES in August 2023 to build up a methodology of development of physical models-based digital twins for the pharmaceutical process.

Singapore - CARES



Research Interest

- Digital twin
- Process modeling
- Machine learning

Key Publications

Google Scholar Link

BQ Li, SY Zhang, B Wang, ZJ Xia, C Tang, Q Zhang, 2018. A porphyrin covalent organic framework cathode for flexible Zn–air batteries, Energy & Environmental Science, 11(7), 1723-1729.

BQ Li, SY Zhang, C Tang, X Cui, Q Zhang, 2017. Anionic regulated NiFe (oxy) sulfide electrocatalysts for water oxidation, Small, 13(25), 1700610.

BQ Li, SY Zhang, L Kong, HJ Peng, Q Zhang, 2018. Porphyrin organic framework hollow spheres and their applications in lithium–sulfur batteries, Advanced Materials, 30(23), 1707483.