Assoc Prof Erik BIRGERSSON

Co-Principal Investigator

Assoc Prof Birgersson has tenure at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore.

He specialises in mathematical modelling and transport phenomena. He has published around 90 journal papers, 1 book and 5 book chapters with an h-index of 21 (Google Scholar; accessed July 2017) and a field-weighted citation index of 1.92 (Scival, 2003-2016; accessed July 2017).

As a consultant for Innosparks Pte Ltd., he helped design the Air+ smart mask, which has won awards such as the President's Design Award 2015, the Reader's and Editor's Choice for the Most Innovative Product at the Straits Times Digital Awards 2016 and one of the Top 50 Engineering Feats Award in Singapore 2016. Besides research, he enjoys teaching and has been awarded 17 teaching awards in NUS since 2006.

Singapore - NUS



Research Interest

- Mathematical modeling
- Transport phenomena (e.g., fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer)
- Impedance
- Solar cells, fuel cells, batteries, flow batteries, hydrogels
- Miscellaneous devices and systems such as filtering facepiece respirators and mine ventilation to name but two

Key Publications

Google Scholar Link

Kannan, Vishvak, Hansong Xue, K. Ashoke Raman, Jiasheng Chen, Adrian Fisher, and Erik Birgersson. 2020. ‘Quantifying Operating Uncertainties of a PEMFC – Monte Carlo-Machine Learning Based Approach’. Renewable Energy 158 (October): 343–59.

Kannan, Vishvak, K. Ashoke Raman, Adrian Fisher, and Erik Birgersson. 2019. ‘Correlating Uncertainties of a CO 2 to CO Microfluidic Electrochemical Reactor: A Monte Carlo Simulation’. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 58 (42): 19361–76.

E. Birgersson, M. Noponen and M. Vynnycky, "Analysis of a two-phase non-isothermal model for a PEFC", Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 152, A1021 (2005).

E. Birgersson, H. Li, S. Wu, "Transient analysis of temperature-sensitive neutral hydrogels", Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 56, 444 (2007).

U Birgersson, E Birgersson, P Åberg, I Nicander, S Ollmar, “Non-invasive bioimpedance of intact skin: mathematical modeling and experiments”, Physiological measurement 32 (1), 1 (2010).

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T Zhang, E Birgersson, J Luther, “A spatially smoothed device model for organic bulk heterojunction solar cells”, Journal of Applied Physics 113 (17), 174505 (2013).

E Birgersson, EH Tang, WLJ Lee, KJ Sak, “Reduction of carbon dioxide in filtering facepiece respirators with an active-venting system: A computational study”, PloS one 10 (6), e0130306 (2015).