Prof Wenming YANG

Principal Investigator

After obtaining his PhD degree in 2000, he has been employed as a Research Fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, followed by a teaching instructor and assistant professor in 2006 and 2011 respectively.

Singapore - NUS



Research Interest

Internal combustion engine fueled by biofuels and blend fuels, development of advanced platform for boilers with high efficiency and low emissions, incinerators and micro power generators.

Key Publications

Li J, Yang WM*, An H, Zhao D, Effects of fuel ratio and injection timing on gasoline/biodiesel fueled RCCI engine: A modeling study, Applied Energy 155, (2015) 59-67.

Zhou DZ, Yang WM*, An H, Li J, Application of CFD-chemical kinetics approach in detecting RCCI engine knocking fuelled with biodiesel/methanol, Applied Energy 145, (2015) 255-264.

An H, Yang WM*, Li J, Zhou DZ, Modeling study of oxygenated fuels on diesel combustion: Effects of oxygen concentration, cetane number and C/H ratio, Energy Conversion and Management 90, (2015) 261-271.

Balaji M, Yang WM*, Tay KL, Yu WB, Experimental study of spray characteristics of biodiesel derived from waste cooking oil, Energy Conversion and Management 88, (2015) 622-632.