Dr Libo SUN

Research Fellow

Dr Sun received his PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof Jihong Yu, in State Key Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis & Preparative Chemistry, Jilin Unversity, China. His previous research during his PhD focused on the preparation and synthesis of porous materials, including traditional zeolite, metal-organic frameworks and porous organic polymers. At CARES, Dr Sun worked in the area of electrochemistry and focused on CO₂ reduction and oxygen evolution, with complex or single atom catalysts.

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Past Members

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Key Publications

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Sun, Libo, Vikas Reddu, Tan Su, Xinqi Chen, Tian Wu, Wei Dai, Adrian C. Fisher, and Xin Wang. 2021. “Effects of Axial Functional Groups on Heterogeneous Molecular Catalysts for Electrocatalytic CO 2 Reduction.” Small Structures, September, 2100093.

Wang, Xin, Shuo Dou, Libo Sun, Shibo Xi, Xiaogang Li, Tan Su, and Hong Jin Fan. 2021. “Enlarging the Π‐conjugation of Cobalt Porphyrin for Highly Active and Selective CO2 Electroreduction.” ChemSusChem, March, cssc.202100176.

Wang, Jiarui, Ye Zhou, Libo Sun, Jingjie Ge, Jingxian Wang, Chencheng Dai, and Zhichuan Xu. 2020. “Ir-Skinned Ir-Cu Nanoparticles with Enhanced Activity for Oxygen Reduction Reaction.” Chemical Research in Chinese Universities 36 (3): 467–72.

Wang, Xin, Libo Sun, Zhenfeng Huang, Vikas Reddu, Tan Su, and Adrian C. Fisher. 2020. “A Planar, Conjugated N4‐macrocyclic Cobalt Complex for Heterogeneous Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction with High Activity.” Angewandte Chemie International Edition, anie.202007445.

Sun, Libo, Vikas Reddu, Adrian C. Fisher, and Xin Wang. 2019. “Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide: Opportunities with Heterogeneous Molecular Catalysts.” Energy & Environmental Science 13 (2): 374–403.

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